Recruitment: A knack for sourcing Safety talent

Coyle Group offers an innovative and proven approach to placing outstanding Safety candidates in the right position – every time.

Sourcing real talent is among the toughest challenges facing modern businesses and overcoming it takes experience, professional know-how and intuition. In the age of social media, attracting people’s interest is the easy part. The skill lies in finding Safety professionals with the character, personality, attitude, experience and qualifications that match and exceed the client’s strategic requirements.

This is where our unique screening and selection formula places us ahead of the competition. With our clients’ long-term requirements in mind, we speak to talented people from around the world every day. Very often, their CVs never even reach the public realm. We work hard to build mutually supportive long-term relationships with these individuals and understand their personal and professional ambitions.

We monitor the job market closely to ensure we know when they are likely to make their next career move and make it our business to put them in touch with clients who need their expertise and experience.

The result: a perfect match every time.

Coyle group Consulting

Safety Consulting Services

Coyle Group offers a comprehensive Safety consulting service to business owners and SHEQ directors. We shape our offering according to each client’s specific requirements, taking into account their sector, strategic objectives and delivery expectations. Flexible and scalable, our consultancy portfolio combines our strengths in safety management, safety technology implementation and the provision of safety personnel.

We select our highly skilled safety consultants on the strength of their experience and qualifications in specific Safety disciplines. Working alongside the client throughout, we begin with a detailed GAP analysis of their current management system and culture; policies and processes, people and behaviours; equipment and environment. In addition to risk assessments and GAP analysis, their expertise also covers other critical areas including accident investigations and regulatory compliance.

We are always looking for innovative ways to reinforce the strength of our consultancy offering. For example: our consultants deliver effective workshop-style HSE training solutions that we customise on a case-by-case basis to meet the client’s specific business requirements.

All the solutions we deliver are measurable, purposeful and unique to each client. The ultimate aim is to equip the client to eliminate accidents and incidents and injuries in the work place and to foster a positive and high-performance safety and health culture in each client’s workplace/company.

The result: a tailored solution that fits your Safety needs.