Temporary workers are often brought in to meet the holiday production needs. Whether to replace existing workers on holiday or to supplement the demanding workload, temporary employees should be trained accordingly to your standard guidelines, set up during their onboarding process.

Fatigue comes at us from multiple sources. Preparing for family gatherings at home, meeting production timelines at work, and dealing with the reduction of sunlight this time of the year, can often lead to a physical strain on the body and mind. Accounting for, and anticipating these instances allows workers to plan accordingly and be aware of its presence. Increasing breaks, or taking vacation time can help alleviate this occurrence.

Weather is part of our lives 365 days a year. This season, when inclement weather rears its ugly head, following news forecasts will assist you in getting from point A to point B safely. Preparing your vehicle to withstand Mother Nature’s wrath is a must if you’re going endure the season.

inside a warehouseTraffic is an essential factor to consider, and it is equally affected by fatigue and weather. Regardless of operating a personal or commercial vehicle, get an early start each day to begin prepping and warming your engine and interior. Getting a head start on the rush hour traffic, coupled with preventative care allows you the opportunity to go a long way, safely.

Depression, this evil affliction can cut the strongest person in half. This season most individuals reflect on their year and their lives as a whole. Personal and professional victories can be overshadowed by the simplest regrets, and emotions surge.

Now is when relationships and struggles are put under a special magnifying glass. When this disease takes root, rational thinking isn’t the first thought. Give your loved ones a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to. Inform co-workers of employer-supported counseling programs. Often the best gift is listening and sharing.

Diet and alcohol have significant and predictable effects. People tend to overindulge through the seasonal period, with the best of intentions to lower intake levels after this period of the year 1. Avoid gifting items like alcohol to decrease the likelihood of contributing to unplanned parties or over celebrating in general. Worth repeating is the sharing of company-sponsored programs that assist employees with substance abuse.

Any of these factors can be an immediate or 3rd party influence to you or your teams’ safety, leaving unanticipated consequences. What we do know is that training, preparation, and knowledge can work to prevent many accidents from occurring. Reversing that trend is the best gift we can give to our families, our employees, and ourselves. Work with your safety professionals to expand that knowledge, and build a better tomorrow today by putting people first.

Interesting Consideration

Whether or not it is affected by the factors mentioned above, are birthdays. The most common birthday over the decades has fallen in September. That puts conception around December. How it relates to some of the factors mentioned above is worthy of a discussion of another kind, at another time, but interesting to correlate.