For everybody who manages a business it is important to clarify the definition of safety statement. What is a safety statement and when is it required? Health and safety statement determines how safety, health and welfare at workplace are implemented and secured in the particular company. There is information about the responsibilities in safety environment at workplace implementation from the owner of the business to the employees in the statement. It should be dated and signed by the senior manager who is responsible for its drawing up. Safety statement is required in case company has five or more employees. It has to be brought to the attention of all employees of the particular company, and also for others at workplace who can be potentially affected by the company’s activities.

Health, safety and welfare at work in Ireland are regulated by the Health and Safety Authority state-sponsored body. The Authority is responsible for reducing the number of work-related injuries at workplaces by enforcing occupational health and safety law.

How to make a safety statement?

This policy consists of four main sections. The first one is General policy statement. The second one is Organization, which defines the responsibilities of everybody within the company. The third section is Arrangements in force component, and the last one is Review. The statement doesn’t have to be long or complex. As a rule, efficient safety statement is short that makes it easier to remember. The statement has to include the responsibilities of employers and employees for achievement of safe working conditions. The statement has to determine the way company manages its commitment to safety work in. Besides, there should be described emergency plans, such as evacuation procedures, risk assessments that is the main part of the statement, and other arrangements for securing health, safety and welfare at work. It is important not to forget to list all possible hazards at workplace. Although the general topics are specified by the Act, there are no legal requirements according to the format of this policy. There are a lot of health and safety statement templates on the Internet that can be downloaded for free. It helps not to miss important points in the safety statement creation process.

Safety statement must be reviewed regularly and corrected if it is necessary

Although there are a lot of health safety samples, they must not be accepted as the only correct format. They are general and help to understand the possible structure of the document, but they are not appropriate for all companies. The statement has to be made of length and in format required by the company’s activities.

A lot of people are sure that their company’s commitment to safety at workplace is obvious. Nevertheless, it is a widespread misconception. Often anything that is obvious for one person, is not acceptable for others. Such situations often occur because of injuries at work. And a written statement is needed in these circumstances. It helps to clarify who is responsible and for what exactly.

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