Safety is a significant issue, especially at workplace. It means that the risk of a lot of hazards is reduced or avoided. Safe environment has to be not only at work but also in every social place. To achieve this goal Safety signs system operates in Ireland and other countries. It helps to control our safe and healthy present and future.

It is not just a good practice to install site safety signage in the places with increased danger, it is the law. This requirement is regulated by the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland. The Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations concern all kinds and places of activities.
It is very valuable when employers do their best to make their employees aware of the meanings of safety signage. It is important not only for workers but especially for the company, because it leads to its better development and makes its target audience more loyal. Some employees, especially young or those who don’t have great experience, may be unfamiliar with the meanings of some signs. Therefore, the employer has to organize additional meetings on this topic, send additional information about it to employees.

Legally, there must be safety signs in every place where a hazard cannot be reduced or avoided. Before taking a decision to install safety signs, the employer has to examine the territory to make sure that there is no way to avoid or reduce the hazard.

Employees also have to take responsibility for safety signs installation. Everybody has to inform the leader of the company in case any real or potential hazards are observed.

Safety signs definition and components

Health and Safety signs’ aim is to warn about real or potential dangers or hazards. Safety signs have different forms of manifestation: color, signboard, acoustic signal, special symbols, verbal communication, hand signal, illuminated signs. Each detail is very important: color, shape, the place of installation. Everything provides some important information and must be read by everybody correctly.
It is a significant point that a safety signboard should not contain text. It is explained by the fact that signboard has to be understood by everybody, regardless of person’s language skills. Employers are required to make all employees aware of the meaning of every safety sign used at workplace.
There are special meanings of colors used on safety signboards. So,

  • red is used for prohibition,
  • yellow means caution,
  • green – positive action.
  • Blue colors mean mandatory actions.

Also, every shape has its special meaning. Discs are used for instructions and prohibitions. Triangles mean warnings, and squares or rectangles are used for  emergency.

Safety sign system principles

The main principle of safety signs installation is to inform about hazards immediately. It has to be installed as soon as a real or potential threat is identified.

A safety sign provides warning information by using shape, color, and symbols. Text is used for clarification and is provided on a supplementary signboard.

There are other essential Safety signs system’ principles:

  • safety signs are only used for providing information on a safety topic;
  • this system can be effective only in case of repeating information to everybody likely to benefit therefrom.


Groups of safety signs

It is important to be able to understand the meaning of all site safety signs. Often your life can depend on this knowledge. Its implementation can save your working place, your health and even your life.
There are a lot of health and safety signs in construction areas. Construction sites are often more unsafe for health than others. They provide significant information to you, warning you of real or potential hazards in the particular place.

According to one of the classification type, there are a lot of safety signs’ groups.

  1. The first one is Prohibitory signs. They illustrate behavior that is not allowed in the particular place. Otherwise, people can be injured.
  2. The next group is Mandatory signs that specify required actions to be safe in conditions of the particular place. Mandatory signs come as in the form of a blue circle with a white symbol.
  3. The next is Hazards signs group. These signs warn of hazards that could occur in a personal injury.
  4. Scaffolding Signs is the next safety signs group. They warn employees of unstable and incomplete scaffolding.
  5. Quarry Notice Signs make employees and public aware of the hazards surrounding a quarry.
  6. General Site Notice Signs inform general public and employees about significant site notices.
  7. Emergency Escape Signs help to inform site staff and visitors about exit direction in case of any emergency.

Among other safety signs groups are Fire Fighting Signs, Fire Action Signs and Fire Prevention and Explosive Hazard Signs.


Individual approach


There are a lot of companies that sell safety signs of all groups in Ireland. It is easy to buy it via their websites and get them in a short period of time. It is possible to get any sign you wish or even to create new one, for instance, with a logo of your company. It can be useful if you have some essential warning only for your employees or others related to your company’s activities.




Safety signs play a great role in occupational safety. Safety signs system allows companies to protect their employees and to prevent negative issues.

It is very important to keep all employees safe, care about their health, and inform them about all real and potential hazards or risks. It allows them to prevent a lot of undesired situations. Safety signs help to keep everybody on their work site safe and aware of danger. Safety signs play a significant role in a safety achievement process. They help to prevent a lot of accidents and hazards that can concern both sites’ employees and general public.



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