Outsourcing activities for organizations, is a strategy employed more and more each day. The goal for the user is to find a company to outsource with that will meet the needs, and employ the perspective that comes with outsourcing, and apply it to the user’s best interest. The benefit of living in today’s global economy means a plethora of options are made available for almost every decision we’re faced with.

Where it applies to safety, we think there are two constructs to decide on to move forward. Are the elements that clients need dependent on contributing factors? Or, are they contained within a vacuum and independent from interactive relationships?

MCDM Model

hand stopping dominos fallIf you agree that one action will generally have impacted results based on outside criteria, such as human interaction, feedback, or dependence on a reaction, you may lean towards the outsourcing model of Multiple Criteria Decision Making, (MCDM). Studies on this model share that this method aids the decision making by accounting for objective measurements, and judgments that will return value to the user, and the group. The decisions made, will affect the group as a whole rather than just one individual as a means of safety.

Outsourcing commonly occurs when an institution comfortably shares an internal function and need, with an outside agency, preferably one that is a subject matter expert in regard to that need. For example, when deciding to outsource a safety organization, it isn’t done due to an incompetence on anyone’s behalf. Rather it is done with strength in decision making to bring in value from the outside, to give your management team more flexibility to focus on the products and manufacturing that make you great. Cost savings are generated by allowing the team to focus on the core standards that initially gave your company its inertia.

question marksWhen a company becomes the leader in its field, ancillary functions weren’t in the impetus to its origins. Safety, marketing and, human resources for example become factors to include more with upward growth, and it makes sense to reach out to a group that offers the same expertise to that individual field the way that your company becomes the expert in its field.

Here is why the MCDM model makes the most sense when outsourcing safety for your company. Each decision with safety is dependent on a relationship with individuals, and with the group as a whole. Redundancies are put into place, signage is made clear and legible, and administrative policies are put into action. Because multi-criteria factors are used to build safety plans, and feedback is considered to contribute to a living breathing safety policy with positive decision making, MCDM creates a strong methodology to tailor your needs. Since safety is a multi-faceted concern, the approach to managing safety, should include a multiple criteria contribution to making it work.

growth graphWhen your needs include customized solutions that address todays issues while anticipating tomorrows growth, a company that includes multiple criteria in its decision making is key. Outsourcing with this in mind offers your team problem solving, organizational and consulting support with recruiting and staffing locally and internationally.

Safety Solutions

You and your people deserve a group that meets all of your requirements, freeing your time to focus more clearly on what you are a subject matter expert on. Outsourcing with a qualified group allows you to update and stay current with accident and incident investigations, developing current policies, and staying current with regulations that can seem overwhelming in our ever changing world, and finds us meeting standards in the countries we work in, and in the countries we ship to. Given the opportunity, we think you can find the safety solutions you’re looking for with Coyle-Group.