Legally, any company has to take its own responsibility for secure conditions at workplace. There is not only employees’ safety among company’s duties, but also safety of others at the workplace and those who can be affected by the company’s activities. By law, every organization that has more than five employees should have Safety Statement, one of the main parts of which is Risk assessment.

Risk assessment plays an essential role in any business. It helps to identify those who can be at risk, to prevent a lot of accidents, injuries, or illnesses.


Safety Statement


There is information about the responsibilities for safety conditions at workplace compliance from the employers to the individual workers in the statement. It should be dated and signed by the senior manager who is responsible for its drawing up. It is necessary to inform everybody within the organization about the points mentioned in the statement.

Health, safety and welfare at work in Ireland are regulated by the Health and Safety Authority state-sponsored body. The Authority is responsible for reducing a number of work-related injuries at workplaces by enforcing occupational health and safety law.


Risk assessment form


It is important to distinguish between risks and hazards. They are often confused but their meanings are not the same. Risk is a possible danger, a level of probability that particular activity can lead to hazards in human health and life. Hazard is a factor that may cause harm. So, risk is any danger we can predict, and hazard is a danger we can observe.

What is risk assessment?

It is an examination of things, processes, situations that may cause harm. It is an important step that requires detailed analysis. It has a great impact on the development of any company and on its market position.

Risk assessment process is based on evaluating the probability of accidents, and on prevention of possible consequences for environment and people’s life and health. Fire risk assessment is a separate part of this statement. It concerns the ways to prevent fire at workplace.

There are some steps in the risk assessments process.

The first one is Identification of possible hazards. Hazards have classification according to their type of damage. The first group is physical hazards , including noise, dust, equipment, lifting, etc.. The second group is mental hazards, or psychological hazards, that affect mental health. The third group is chemical hazards that include aerosols, cleaning fluids, asbestos and others. And the last group is biological hazards: hepatitis, tuberculosis and other infection diseases.

The second step is Identification of possible risks, and the last one is putting a control measure to prevent any accidents or hazards.


There are a lot of risk assessments templates on the Internet that can help to get more effective results of this process. It is not necessary to follow that structure literally, but it can be useful to check whether all important topics are covered in your statement.


Risk assessment by any company has to include a list of anything that can cause harm at workplace, and a list of people who can be affected by its activities. It is not necessary to include risks from everyday life.

There should be provided all possible ways in which the company plans to reduce these risks in and how the employer will implement this statement. Is it much better when Risk assessments is created by involving all employees within the organization. It makes the owner of the business ensure that controls are effective and that safe methods of work are achievable. It allows everybody within organization to feel their own responsibility for every point of this statement.

There are a lot of approaches to recording assessments. There is not the only one way to do it. The main purpose is not any particular format or length, but the topics you cover, as well as the conclusions you draw.

Risk rating

The risk assessment matrix is a tool that allows you to look at the probable risks, analyze them and to know what  therisk score of the particular company is. Risk rating will determine whether the conditions are safe enough to continue running business or not.

The Residual Risk matrix requires you to determine risk consequences and impact. After writing it down, based on the table you got, you are able to understand what this rating is in your case.

risk assessment impact likelihood table

There are four types of risk rating. No action at all may be required in case with low priority (0-3). With medium priority (4-6) it can be required additional control actions. Also system of working may be changed. When risk rating is on high priority (6-9), it can be vital to stop the current business activity or to restrict access to the area until necessary measures have been taken. Extreme risk rating is between 10-16. It means that you must act immediately to reduce negative results of the particular situation’s development.


Risk assessments is a separate part of the Safety Statement. Although only those companies that have five and more workers are required to have this statement, risk assessments definition has to be clarified by any company. The main goal is to reduce hazards and risks of employees’, contractors’, clients’ injuries and illnesses at workplace. Accidents can ruin lives, they negatively affect not only employees, but also others at workplace and also they affect business and its further development. Risk Assessments implementation allows company to predict any dangerous situation and prevent it or reduce the level of harm. Risk assessment plays a significant role in reducing this likelihood. Risk assessment makes company’s market position stronger, and demonstrates its respect to its employees, partners, clients, and contractors.


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