Safety Professionals

Today health and safety specialists play an essential role in our society. The security professionals provide comfortable life of the people by taking the responsibility for solving a lot of their issues. It is reassuring to think about the strides that have been made regarding the health and safety environment in the 40 plus years since the International Social Security Association, (ISSA) initiated the standards, which the European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organization, (ENSHPO) took reign of to establish a higher standard.

excellent working condition in a notepadSecurity professionals are assigned many responsibilities: they not only create efficient solutions through qualifying and certifying individuals, make a positive impact in the workplace culture for employees and consumers worldwide, but also establish methods to prepare the organization in the event that hazards befall the team, evaluate and develop a plan intended to secure the people within and associated with an organization.

This position requires a highly qualified person, both competent and ethical, patient and proactive.


Expectations from a Safety Professional

In industry and manufacturing, we have come to expect security professionals to contribute in several ways. We trust them to conduct accident investigations, and apply proven techniques in manufacturing sites and to the products and users.

Our safety professionals are expected to create an observable atmosphere. It can be achieved by means of electronic surveillance or through engineering controls. It is a team of people which prevents the risks, establishes proper solutions for the organization, that are implementable, and ones that the team can grow with.

safety officer

Safety Solutions

The proper solutions are created by the security professionals from hands on experience on the manufacturing floor, and through product based knowledge. These solutions are built from within the organization, or implemented from research, to be effective tailor made answers to the problems that are happening in the industry.

People expect to get efficient consultation and productive solution of their current situation. To satisfy these needs, the health and safety advisor have to review case studies that enables to understand applications better and attempt to predict potential mishaps. This team provides the ways which lead to overall employee and consumer security.

The professionals must be trainers to their targeted audience. For this reason, they can always set the standard for others, setting the example. This person should be knowledgeable and approachable so everyone feels comfortable coming forward with questions for clarification. These qualities make the security professional a strong leader by providing competencies at developing, structuring and applying training.

Recruiting Agencies

What is a competent person in health and safety? A coordinator, an auditor, an officer, a trainer, an assistant, a consultant, a manager and a leader. The health and safety qualifications are connected with the different fields of activities. Otherwise, a person would not have the opportunity to cope with all duties. Not only an applicant faces a problem of getting this job, but also companies have to spend a lot of time finding a proper candidate. This is a reason why numerous companies decide to reach out to the health and safety officer recruitment agencies with the request to find a professional for this job. It is necessary to provide to inform the recruiting agency about all responsibilities of the desired candidate in details based on the specific of the company’s activity. It helps to solve the task by the health and safety recruitment agencies in a short time. Recruiting agencies exempts clients from the learning of the various CV’s on email and providing numerous personal interviews. It takes much time and often do not give desired result. This position is very serious and responsible, and it is much better to use recruiters’ services to find a person for it. It allows avoiding a lot of potential problems executed as a result of worse choice of the candidate.


Security professionals are open in their relationships within the organization, they are trusted, they are learned in government regulations as it applies to this field, and employee rights. These workers must be reliable members of the management team to be successful for the organization and for themselves. Versatility is the key, evaluating is a must, and assuring reliability every day is pertinent.