What is a security policy

Is it necessary nowadays to feel safe in the work environment? What does this word mean – safety? It is the state when the accidents risk is minimized, it can not be achieved in the full extent but is important to strive for this goal. Security management is an important part in of the business process. It helps to predict and prevent serious problems related to the organization’s activity. Sometimes it is necessary to create a specific formal document which allows you to collect all necessary information related to creating a reliable and safe atmosphere in the company.

One of the ‘policy’ definitions is ‘the actions plan that has a serious impact on the future decisions’. There are the company’s duties concern the safety work conditions in the Health and Safety Policy.

Legally, policy has to comprise the company’s commitment only to its staff. Nevertheless, it is much better to have the policy which concerns not only the officers of the particular company, but also others whose security to some extent depends on the activity of this company. For instance, clients, partners, and contractors.

When the policy is ready, it is very important to inform all employees about its points. There are some ways to reach this goal. In case the company is not large and doesn’t have a lot of employees, it is great solution to inform everybody about the statement’s content personally. You can print the policy for everybody. It allows your workers to read it attentively when they have free time. If the company has a lot of officers, you can send the link to this statement via email.

Theoretically, it is possible to seek external assistance to draw up the policy, but it would be more effective to write the statement with people within your organization because they have great experience of work in your company, they are well-informed about the activities of the company and how it operates.

Involving the employees in putting this statement gives a better chance to achieve more effective implementation of the policy by the employees. This way the workers will feel their own responsibility to achieve the goals of the Security Policy. The company’s senior executive must date and sign the Policy when it is ready.

It is important to remember that this statement is prepared for the staff, for those who have to understand each point and do their best to implement this Policy. Therefore, it has not to be complicated and time-consuming. Everybody whom it concerns has to understand what it is about, to read it from the beginning to the end and become more confident about the safety at work. The information of this statement must be relevant and single-valued.


The sections of the Policy

safety statementUsually the Policy of health and security consists of the following parts: the statement section, the organization section and the arrangements section. The first one is often a single page. It determines what the company is obliged to do for the health and security of the people related to its activities. Also, this section states how this commitment will be implemented. The second one determines the distribution of the duties and how the staff fit into the whole safety management system of the company. If the organization is small, it is likely that this part will contain only one or two names, and most responsibilities will be allocated to them. The last section is about the way the particular management’s functions are realized.

According to law, not every company must create a Security Policy. In case the company is small, it can establish this statement at will. Legally, if the company has five or more employees, it is required to have the Policy of Health and Security. The length of this statement depends on the particular company it belongs to. It is only one the most important requirement that the policy highlights all the necessary information, therefore it should be of the length that would be enough to include this information. The policy must be relevant to the size and sphere of the organization’s activity.

It is vital to check whether the policy is effective, to review it regularly and to correct when it is necessary.

You have to remember that this policy is just a formal statement, it is important to have it, but without practical implementation it becomes needless. It is essential to have a duty of care regardless whether your company has this policy or not. This document is created to inform employees first, and not to add new responsibilities for the company. It has to provide secure safe working conditions even without this written policy.


The Security Executive

The Health and Safety at work Act received Royal Assent 40 years ago. It provided a new systematic and regulatory framework for the employees’ security at work. There are the following points among the Executive’s duties:

  • encouraging research and publishing,
  • providing necessary consultations and training,
  • making arrangements for security of the employers, employees, government departments,
  • proposing regulations.

The Health and Safety Executive is a non-commercial organization. Its activities are aimed at the health and safety at workplace. It operates in the interests of people. The main goal of the Health and Safety Executive is to minimize the number of work-related injuries or deaths.

The sphere of the Health and Safety Executive’s work covers different types of activities: from the rules formation and its regular reviewing to research and following the law.

There are two agencies of the Health and Safety Executive. They effectively complement each other. The Health and Safety Laboratory is the worldwide leader that solves the problems of health and safety compliance for industry, professional entities, and the government. The mission of the second Health and Safety Executive agency, the Office for Nuclear Regulation, is to provide a high level of regulations of the nuclear industry.

It is important to stress that The Health and Safety Executive acts only in Great Britain, but not in the whole United Kingdom. The Health and Safety Authority is responsible for the workplace safety in Ireland.


Recruitment agency and health and safety policy’s control

It is important to highlight that every worker is entitled to have safe environment at their work, where the risk to their safety is minimized by the effective implementation of the specific duties by the responsible party.

The security of an agency worker or a temporarily worker has to be controlled to the same extent as of other employees. Also, the health and safety policy recruitment agency has to control the employees’ work conditions in terms of their security and health. The agency has to know the Policy’s content of the companies their clients work in. Based on that information, the agency has to make sure that the employee is given the necessary equipment to protect their health, if the work conditions require that.

This commitment is the main part of the health and safety policy for recruitment agencies. It means that the protection of their clients is not voluntary but mandatory. They are responsible for the working conditions at their clients’ future workplaces.

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Except the responsibility for their staff’s protection, they must control the safety of their clients at work. This policy covers the following matters: systems of work that minimize the risk for the health and safety of the staff, the providing of the instruction and other necessary information, and providing the safe working environment. It usually consists of such sections as working efficiently, using protective equipment, reporting incidents that cause injuries, adhering to the employer procedures for securing a safe workplace. Also, the policy of security for recruitment agencies includes the agency’s duties to monitor the security of their clients at their new positions in various companies.



The security at workplace becomes important statement not only for the owners of companies, but especially for the employees. To achieve it, it is important to write down the points that are associated with creating a safe environment at work. This document is called the Health and Safety Policy. It is mandatory to have this statement for the companies which have five and more workers, but voluntarily for the rest.

Each officer can claim a safe environment at their work. The security of an agency worker or a temporary worker has to be controlled to the same extent as other employees.

The effective security policy requires the company to involve people within the organization in the process of its creation.

It is very important to be sure that all employees are informed about the Policy. According to effective implementation plan, the officers of the company have to be reminded about this Policy regularly. It can be achieved through personal communications, group meetings, during training at work, etc.

The Policy will only be effective in case the organization follows it and reviews it regularly. Otherwise, it becomes a mere piece of paper that has no power.




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