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Nowadays occupational safety is a very common issue. It is becoming more and more difficult to achieve it, but this concept is becoming more and more necessary among employees of different positions. Each company that has five and more employees must have the Safety Statement. It leads not only to a safe work environment, but also to more loyal attitude to the particular company from its target audience.

Construction is one of the most unsafe spheres of activity. Health and safety in  the field of construction is a very relevant issue, but it is especially a hard-to-reach goal in this field. Companies that operate in the field of construction are required to exercise more control over their employees and pay more attention to them. Every year, a lot of people working in this field get injured or even killed. Unsafe work environment is one of the main reasons for employees’ deaths and traumas. It is difficult to eradicate danger altogether, but it is important to strive towards this aim.


Security construction regulations

Health and safety at workplace in Ireland are controlled by the Health and Safety Authority. Construction health and safety is also regulated by this institution.

builder worker installing a slab

Safety, health and welfare at work construction regulations determine the principles of work to prevent diseases, hazardous impacts on the employees’ lives, to create appropriate implementation of working construction, to have a serious approach to planning, compliance and control over the working process. This guidance is based on the legal, technical, administrative and educational components. Safety system construction concerns security of not only the employees’, but also everybody who can be at workplace, for example, clients, partners, visitors, or general public.


Security construction regulations 2013 consist of 14 parts, that include:

  • interpretation,
  • duties of employees, clients, contractors,
  • responsibilities of the project supervisor,
  • general safety provisions,
  • the most common health hazards,
  • underground construction,
  • explosives and other information.


According to this Statement, ‘construction work’ definition is the carrying out of any building, engineering construction or civil engineering work, other than drilling and extraction in the extractive industries. Among the great number of components, most of which depend on the people’ implementation of the statement, there is one about atmospheric influences.

A contractor responsible for a construction site has to know whether persons working outdoors are protected against atmospheric influences. Otherwise, they can be affected, injured or even killed. If the particular situation requires wearing special clothes not to be contaminated by dangerous substances, atmospheric conditions or conditions of the workplace, the professional contractor must provide the employees’ with special equipment for keeping working clothes separately from personal clothing. It is the way how people can influence the effects of natural phenomena. We just can protect ourselves, but we are not able to change the nature.


The importance of a safety in the field ofconstruction lies in its ability to make the conditions of work better, more secure and reliable. It cannot eradicate all risks, but it can prevent potential hazards and prevent a lot of accidents.