Safety engineer

The Safety Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities of a Safety Engineer A person embodying the role of a safety engineer typically has received a formal education or specific training in occupational safety. As it...

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safety officer

The Modern Safety Professional

Safety Professionals Today health and safety specialists play an essential role in our society. The security professionals provide comfortable life of the people by taking the responsibility for solving a...

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An Introduction To Hazard Modelling

Effect modelling Based on data collected on hazardous substances, hazardous activities and possible points of accident in the production process and facilities, it is necessary to simulate the possible developments,...

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Safety leadership

Leadership tips for safety

As Ronald Reagan used to say, “Trust, but verify.” When it comes to safety management systems, how often do safety professionals truly verify that the expectations they’ve set are being...

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Health and safety culture

Team Building in Health & Safety

Safety Teams Today’s safety and health teams exist in an ever changing world. With every legislative and parliamentary procedure that passes, companies need to account for addressing these new issues....

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Health and safety theory

Accident Theory

Theorising Accidents An early 20th century innovator of studying accident causation, Herbert Heinrich made significant conclusions that still impact our approaches today. His studies showed that among the 27,000 cases...

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slips trips and falls

Accident’s – Budgeting & Costs

Budgeting For Accidents Over the years occupational deaths have been in decline, and this is a great achievement. They do still occur though. Whether from motor vehicles, falling, electrical or...

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