The safety industry is a field that too often doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves, until it is too late. Yet opportunities are abound for those that want to participate in making work environments safe. As local and global economies grow, the need to properly staff these fields, whether with a corporate giant, or in a small startup, requires knowing what you’re looking for, and where the best jobs are.

The best jobs, theoretically are the ones that allow the applicant to put their best foot forward and create a climate that has their signature all over it. One that employees feel comfortable working in. The best opportunities, those that seem to be most abundant tend to be in the high risk sectors of the employment field. Specifically manufacturing and the construction fields.

Because these fields tend to give more freedom to its workers, being outdoors with less hands on supervision than more typical jobs is normal. They also usually require more of a technical aptitude which makes it necessary to employ competent Health and Safety managers so that the processes created are able to limit or warrant necessary controls.


chopping with axeCompanies and institutions are looking and paying well for Health and Safety advisors, EHS consultants and, Health and Safety coordinators. This provides the need for Trainers, Auditors and, Assistants. Employers hiring have certain expectations with these positions this includes a stable work history, clean driving records, and an education suited for the job at hand. Certification through NEBOSH, IOSH membership and an understanding and familiarity with SHE, and STFC.

Education gives the user the wherewithal to maneuver through regulations and establish protocols that meet the adequacies of government agencies. Additionally companies are requiring that the best suited candidates for these sought after health and safety jobs include the ability to motivate people. The best person for the job should be comfortable with engaging and supporting the team upward to management, and downward to include the workforce. The ability to communicate to all levels makes implementations a bit more effortless.

Communication skills are strongly desired to assess and also inspect expectations set by agencies, and the company itself. The ideal candidate will have experience in developing policies, and implementing Standard Operating Procedures. Risk management experience is included in the preferred qualifications. Identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks associated with tasks is important at any level, coupled though with these high risk positions in industry, and the importance for risk management is utmost in priorities.

The Best Jobs

unsafe conditions on constructionSeveral factors come into play when deciding what the best jobs are. Because they are in abundance, candidates in this field believe these opportunities make them the best jobs. Because qualified individuals have the ability to mold policy and procedure and establish a reputable name for themselves, they too will consider these some of the best jobs available. The common factor between all jobs of course is pay scale. Current positions that are open and in demand in the health and safety sector incorporate a wide range. Starting pay for minimally qualified individuals begins at £28K, while a more seasoned professional can expect to demand upwards to £60K. This invites many people to explore the possibilities in this high risk high reward job field. Financial rewards like these make positions very sought after.

The market in construction fields and some manufacturing plants are offering permanent positions, and fixed term contract employment. Among the basic benefits some employers are including with the job benefits are car allowances.

The number of jobs in the high risk sectors, with the potential for growth and development, and pay versatility make jobs like Health, Safety and Environmental management, Advisors, Assistants and Consultants make them some of the best jobs in the Health and Safety fields today.