helicopter and fire in the woods

Best jobs in Health and Safety

The safety industry is a field that too often doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves, until it is too late. Yet opportunities are abound for those that want to participate...

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construction safety sign on the road

Safety signs in Ireland

Safety is a significant issue, especially at workplace. It means that the risk of a lot of hazards is reduced or avoided. Safe environment has to be not only at...

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man standing at the edge of a rock and looking down

Risk assessment

Legally, any company has to take its own responsibility for secure conditions at workplace. There is not only employees’ safety among company’s duties, but also safety of others at the...

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health and safety at work

Health & Safety Legislation

In the modern world, Health & Safety legislation gained great importance, especially considering the emergence of new occupations and intensive development of the production sphere. Adhering to the principles of...

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application form for work permit in ireland

Work permit

Nowadays Ireland is becoming a popular country among foreigners that desire not just to live there, but develop professionally. Ireland has a strong economy, favorable immigration system, high standard of...

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2 men developing safety management plan

Safety management system

Safety management system definition It is important to feel security. People feel safe when the possibility of harm or property damage is minimized. A safety management system is a thorough...

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work safety and safety procedures

Health and Safety Policy

What is a security policy Is it necessary nowadays to feel safe in the work environment? What does this word mean – safety? It is the state when the accidents...

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